V3rbo was born in 1977. Besides the use of painting techniques, typical of the graffiti culture in which he was raised in the 90s and the first drawings made with D-paint4 on Amiga500, the artist has introduced new visual rules celebrating writing and investigating its medial drifts. Beginning from an extensive study on lettering (such as the 2003 project “Lettering Studio Cross The Matrix”) he has moved on to using other tools such as video projectors and the “FLxER”, a software that he has been co-developing since 2002 and that he uses to perform as a visualartist in electronic music venues, but also off-hand on the street (his “Videoincursioni”, for example, were chosen on one occasion as a campaign for the international promotion of Firefox). In other instances the search for the sign brings him to contrasting performative acts such as the permanent site-specific work “/BAN.King” for Intesa Sanpaolo in Bonola, where he engaged 60 executives as a performative medium representing a celebratory parallel of the company in the world of writing. In the last years he has devoted himself to the use of virtual and augmented reality tools and artificial inteligences, with which he created a number of works.  The recent (2019) live performance “Untilted.mvp” at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, and the 2020 solo exhibition “Metabugs” in VR at Artefiera in Bologna, where the viewer was immersed in these three-dimensional mecha-insects made-up of letters. This is because the core, the heart of V3rbo’s work, is the development of the letters, according to the rules of aerosol-art and style writing.

Among the many international exhibitions in which he participated there are included:

the 2009  Paris exhibition  at Million Cornette de saint cyr¬ Auction for Million & Associes at La Cigalle, the 2008 collective exhibitions Street Art Buenos Aires at the Space Cultural Center Recoleta of Buenos Aires in Argentina and Street Art, From graffiti to painting, Italy-¬Brazil at the Museum of Contemporary Art of S.Paolo in Brazil, 54^ Biennale Di Venezia – Padiglione Italia Lombardia and the 2017 collective exhibition “Walk the Line” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Crocie in Genoa.

The artist has appeared in several publications ranging from magazines to historical books to international reviews.

In all these years V3rbo has also been requested and involved in developing works regarding viral campaigns for well-known brands (The North Face, Puma, Coca Cola, Nokia, Nike, Levis, Circa etc.).